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Termites: The Invisible Disaster

Subterranean Termites exist in almost every where there is soil. They can tell the difference between a fallen tree and the wood in your home, and they can destroy both with equal efficiency. And don't be fooled: New homes are just as vulnerable to attack as old ones. Many people make the mistake of thinking they can wait until they see a swarm to protect their home. But it can take up the three years for a colony to produce swarms. By that time, it may be too late- they may already have done thousands of dollars in damage and possible effected the structure. ﷯
Often mistaken for flying ants, swarming termites inside a home are an almost sure sign that the rest of the colony has been at work destroying the wood in or under the home for years. Termites can get in through a crack just 1/64" wide and can inflict serious damage long before you know they're there. In some cases, the problem doesn't show up until four or five years later. Since termites can enter your home so many ways, part of an effective protection program should include annual inspections by a trained technician. Alert Exterminators inspects your home each year after the initial treatment to make sure your home stays termite free.
Postponing Protection: A Costly Mistake

Termites cause five times more damage in the U.S. each year than all natural disasters combined. As much as $ 750,000,000*! And repairs can easily cost three times as much as the treatment that could have prevented them. *The National Fire Protection Association, the American Insurance Corporation, the National Pest Control Association, and the National Insurance Adjusters Association.
Setting Up A Defense Barrier
Alert Exterminators uses a proven treatment that involves setting up a chemical barrier in the most vulnerable areas of the soil around and under your home. This barrier cuts off termites that are already inside your home from the moisture they need to live and prevents other from entering. Guaranteed protection from the name you've always trusted. Alert Exterminators provides a low cost, $50,000 Protection Plan against any new subterranean termite damage. And the Plan is easily renewable, safeguarding your home investment year after year. It's what you'd expect from Alert Exterminators.
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